Entry: so much for labor day.. Thursday, May 01, 2008

..hmm..kung kelan naman yun uncle-boss ko na mismo yun nagsabi na wala kaming work today, e buong araw naman akong nasa trabaho..hmm..

i initially planned to go to work for half a day lang -- just finish making and distributing this month's billings -- and then go watch the aga-anne flick na (whether i had kasama or not!)..but i guess i enjoyed working alone too much, so i did more than the urgent to-do's..in the end nag-work din ako for a complete 8-hours..haha! and then i found out "when love begins" is not being shown at the podium; it's shown at prome pero ang late na..so i had to go home like a really obedient little girl, and now i'm just tapping away senseless stuff on this blog..haha! pero seryoso, medyo nakaka-depress talaga kasi i was sooo looking forward to watching it today, tapos wala.. :( tapos may mga na-realize din akong mga katangahan ko..so, argh! so much for labor day -- i want to just go back to work and tire myself senseless para lang maging bato kahit for a while..i want to just go to the highest mountains and shout! argh!!!


pero bahala na si God..i think ok pa naman ako e..kaya ko pa..if i may say so myself..i think i've gotten used to things, so much so that i don't remember what i used to pray for..and i think that's good..diba nga if you can't fight it, go with the flow nalang..that's what i'm doing..kaya ko 'to..

*so help me, God*


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