Entry: condo-hopping and some more.. Wednesday, April 23, 2008

salamat at makaka-update na naman ako nito..i've been so busy the past days i didn't have time to even check my mail! i started scouting for a condo na this monday..can't believe i spent 2 hours talking to the agents of condo A! buti nalang my uncle-boss is out of the country..kung sakali maabutan niya wala ako sa office nang ganun katagal -- patay! hahaha! i got away with the agents' sales talk of putting in reservation fee/earnest money that day, so i'm kinda ok pa..haha! anyway, i was supposed to have a Bible study session monday night, but it got cancelled at the last minute, so i went condo-hopping nalang in the ortigas area..visited the model unit/showroom of condo B and condo C, and then txtd the agents the next morning..met up with the agent of condo B last night..again, got away with the earnest money thing..yun sa condo C naman, sabi niya he'll email/fax the details to me, pero hanggang ngayon wala pa rin, so never mind..anyway, i asked to meet up with the condo A people again today because i had more questions, and this time i wasn't able to put off the reservation fee..i issued a dated cheque for 50grand! and i'm actually starting to regret it! kasi i just got to talk to my mom, and apparently i'd still be better off buying their condo in the long run..hmm..what to do?!?! i'm just really praying hard that i spoke with "matinong" people and they'd give me back my cheque and cancel my reservation..hmm..guys, whoever's reading this, please pray for me.. :)

in other news..

other stuff i was busy over this (half)week are:

  1. looking for a singapore tour package that is within me and my friend's budget (personal);
  2. collections from our "delinquent" tenants (work);
  3. arranging City Hall requirements (work);
  4. earthday jam '08 (work) -- no, i'm not one of the organizers, it just so happened that our buildings'/tenants' operations would be affected so the organizers are coordinating with us; and
  5. this abs-cbn shooting at one of our buildings that just wouldn't push through.

***it's late..i'm in for another long day tomorrow..better turn in and just hope for the best..thursday i'm in love, and signing off***


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